Your Own Pirate Ship, Every Childhood Dream

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-03-15 11:23:44

When a client contacted Kuhl Design Studio, a house remodel and renovations company, to design a unique bedroom for his six year old son, they came up with this.

An absolutely stunning pirate ship.

The base of the rope bridge is anchored on top of the jail cell. We welded a custom steel door for that real jail feeling. Invite Bubba to complete the effect.

A crows nest using a ten inch hand-hewn timber for extra strength. Not seen here is a bed where important friends may get to sleep.

They used 2x12 ribs to construct the hull of the ship, covering them with layers of 1/2 inch plywood to act as the planking. A blend of plaster and epoxy with integrated coloring to simulate an old ship's hull.

This is what it looks like when you enter the bedroom. You will notice the side of the hull is peppered with cannon ports. They also serve as peep holes for watching the uncool masses below.

Looking down the rope into the closet below.

A full grown man crosses the rope bridge into the ship. The rope bridge is connected to the top of the jail cell, built to accommodate evil doers, thieves and little sisters.

View from closet up through the hull of the ship.

Here Steve Kuhl sits at the helm of the ship. The rope descends into the closet below for quick wardrobe changes.

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