Bike Helmets for City Dwellers

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-07-06 07:32:35

In the past, bicycle helmets made you look like you were wearing a big sponge on top of your head. Today that are all pretty well designed. Most helmets though have a very sporty look, like these from Giro. And while they are certainly cool, it doesn't really fit well with the city-dwellers.

But the Danish company Yakkay is making a very different kind of bike helmet. It is basically a "normal" helmet "shell", which you then extend with a cover in 4 different textile designs. And they are absolutely stunning.

Apart from the overall design, the cover is just "a cover", so you can change it based on your mood or the season. On a cold day you will probably go for the knitted "Izmir" cover, while on hot summer days, the "Paris" cover might be a better choice.

This is a great example of design being used to make something more desirable.

The basic helmet

Tokyo Cover

Dublin Cover

Izmir Cover

Paris Cover

(via Yakkay)

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