Wireless Power with Yill

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-03-07 19:03:00

One of the things many people dream about is wireless power. We have wireless devices and WI-FI, but what about the actual electricity?

You might say we already have it with the new tablets and their 10 hour battery life. But that is a limited are of use. What you actually need to work in a place where there is nearby power socket?

The solution is the Yill. A mobile mobile energy storage unit, which can supply your computer with 300 Watts of electricity without cords or cables.

There is a number of really great thing about it. The most important being that it frees you from being tied to a specific location. Want to have a long strategy meeting in the garden? No problem!

The Yill enables the spontaneous creation of work groups anywhere, anytime, even in old buildings or lofts with no power.

Another great thing about is that you can recharge when power is cheap - is in during the night. Or simply hook it up to renewable energy sources. It is asynchronous power consumption.

The Yill will be revealed on the Milan Design Week in April. It's focus is mostly proving cheap renewable power to small companies, who are looking to disconnect from the traditional power grid.

Yill allows those, who generate their own electricity from renewable resources, to completely disconnect from traditional power grids even during days without a ray of sunlight. But even when charged by plugging to traditional energy sources, Yill supports the transformation towards a sustainable energy economy. It effortlessly integrates awareness of sustainability into everyday office life and provides space for more renewable energies by storing surplus power.

While it is very maneuverable, it is too big to take with you on the plane, or on your next vacation. So, it's wireless power for the professionals.

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