Winter Connectivity

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-11-19 14:23:05

It's getting cold, and winter is just around the corner... or more precisely somewhere in the north-western direction. And that means that we are getting swamped with winter gloves that are compatible with the modern era.

The problem is that regular gloves don't work with modern devices - especially touch screens. So a number of talented designers are coming up with ways to solve this particular snag.

A few examples:

Etre Touchy gloves simply made a glove with two fingers missing. Fine for most situations, but will cause serious risk of frost-bites anywhere near a mountain.

Dots are made in a similar way, but instead of missing a finger, they have added a rubber "dot" at the tip. You can thus stay warm an cozy.

Tävo is doing almost the same thing, although these gloves seem rather thin.

And Freehand are combining the two and have created flip-back-finger-tip gloves.

And in case you live near the arctic circle, you can always take comfort in using Google Voice Search. With that you don't have to use your fingers at all... except that you cannot unlock you iPhone, via voice...

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