WHY? The Yacht

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2009-10-11 13:28:36

Remember the stunningly designed yachts by Sch�pfer? Today I came across another pretty amazing one. It's called the Why. It has a more conventional shape, but the shear size of this thing is unbelievable. It would be better defined as a house that just happens to float on water.

It has a whooping 3,400 square meters of living space (36,000 square feet), can accommodate 12 guests (I guess each guest needs a lot of room), got a promenade deck that is 130 meters long (425 feet), and a 25 meter long swimming pool (and an even larger one outside... called 'the entire Atlantic Ocean').

It is supposedly 'green' and very energy efficient due to its 900 square meter solar panels (9,700 square feet).

It does seem to be missing the all important helicopter deck. But hey, anyone buying this, is probably towing their very own floating airport.

At any account I want one, or possibly two.

(via Why Yachts)

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