Voronoi Yacht

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-05-22 10:56:00

Concept yacht designer Hyun-Seok Kim has come up with a rather unusual looking design for the huge yacht Voronoi. It is 125 meters long and is simply named at the voronoi pattern.

I imagine this voronoi pattern is a way of nature to optimize and stabilize randomized creatures. so any kind of guests who are selected to invite by owner will totally be satisfied when they are on board.
Main feature of this yacht is surrounded by voronoi structure and indoor garden and swimming pool are equipped on the bridge deck, in the center tower, sky lounge and facilities are equipped.
Huge main salon is a place for everybody take a relax and hang around. there is bar, galley, dining room, and stage for playing music.

Amazing work!

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