Top Banana – super cool web based video editing

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-04-30 13:45:43

MIX07 is currently taking place in Vegas, and with it comes an enormous amount of new ideas, technologies, and concepts. One of them is a very cool video editing application - in Silverlight - called Top Banana (code name).

Take a look for yourself:

BTW: He is running Vista on a MacBook Pro at a Microsoft conference - funny.

I must admit that two years ago I didn't think that browser based systems could go this far, and I a sense it hasn't. This is what you can do when you go beyond the browser - and use plug-ins like Flash or in this case Silverlight.

I am not exactly saying that HTML and JavaScript is out-of-date - for most websites that still works quite well. But in terms of web applications and putting the OS on the web, then neither the browser nor technological abilities of HTML/JavaScript is up to the task. It is not fast enough, it doesn't have rich media capabilities or any advanced UI elements.

Of course, all the things we are seeing with the new Flash, Silverlight and Apollo are very basic stuff. We are heading in a very interesting direction - but we are also a long way from the capabilities of any of the productivity applications.

It is still in the realm of hobby use or small business - and there is a huge step from here to the next level.

(Via MIX07)

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