The Thumb Tribe

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-10-09 02:54:20

A few days ago I came across Ben Powis' thumb art, and it struck me as being an amazing display of creativity.

Ben has combined a dirty fingerprint (or in this case a thumb print) with some artistic doodling. He has created a strange tribe of short people with pointy sticks, who all seems to have a really good time.

I really like this type of art. I like when you get inspired a by a simply thing that other people would think no more of. I especially like the mix of the real world (the thumb) and the imaginary world.

And in case you are wondering... Ben is not just doodling strange creatures. He is a very talented illustrator. He recently published his latest art book "Where Grows the Bitter Herb".

(via Ben Powis)

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