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Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-04-15 07:42:35

I have often written about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and how you can use it to make a much more compelling experience. I have also been talking about using the "internet as a pipeline" instead of using a browser. So, what you can you really do with WPF and no browser? Here are a couple of examples from Thirteen23.

Denounce Concept

This is (yet another) RSS and podcast reader. Looks cool, but is a bit too flashy for my taste. It does illustrate some of WPF's advanced text handling capabilities.

» Try Denounce

Nostalgia Concept

A rich media Flickr image viewer and photo manager. It is a nice illustration of how you can combine internet based data, and rich media technology.

» Try Nostalgia


Netflix on your desktop - similar to the Flickr viewer above - this transforms the web experience into a rich media experience.

» Try Cine.View


A document management and revision tool - based on FTP. It allows you to share file workspaces and always be up-to-date with file changes. This is definitely something I could use at work.

» Try EchoBox

Looking specifically at the capabilities of WPF, then we also got things like 3D:


A music player (concept) that mimic's iTunes Cover flow - with a Twist

» Try Harmony


Application/screensaver displaying famous art - in a rich media environment.

» Try De.Collage


MIX07 Event Viewer

A concept of how you could create a rich media event viewer for MIX07 (or any event really).

» Try mixMe

Another interesting thing with several of the above examples is Microsoft's new application launcher. It allows people to use an application directly from a website (or any other resource) - no installation fuzz. Click and work.

We use this for several applications at work. It is really useful. Not to mention that it handles updates automatically.

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