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Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-03-24 12:46:26

Ever since reading "The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy" I have always wanted to own my very own Kill-o-Zap. For those who do not know what that is, here is how it is generally described.

The designer of the gun had clearly not been instructed to beat about the bush. 'Make it evil,' he'd been told. 'Make it totally clear that this gun has a right end and a wrong end. Make it totally clear to anyone standing at the wrong end that things are going badly for them. If that means sticking all sort of spikes and prongs and blackened bits all over it then so be it. This is not a gun for hanging over the fireplace or sticking in the umbrella stand, it is a gun for going out and making people miserable with.

I haven't actually found one yet, but earlier today I did come across Dr. Grordbort's amazing assortment of galactic blasters.

What about this "Unnatural Selector - ray blunderbuss." (which is sadly sold out). Built from metal, glass and rare Venusian Worm Oak (imitation wood....which under Earth conditions is surprisingly similar to resin). And comes with a custom stand and individual engraved ID.

What about a 17 inch F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter Gun, which weights 7.7lbs (3.5 Kg).

...or what about the "Righteous Bison Indivisible Particle Smasher?". The "Victorious Mongoose 1902A concealable ray pistol?" The "Pearce 75 Atom Ray gun?" ....or the "Manmelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol?" They got them all.

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