The Aviator's Home Office

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-01-12 14:39:38

A couple of days ago I tweeted that if you are working virtually you should "build yourself a home-office. Do not use your kitchen table or a corner in the living room."

Having a great working environment is very important. It should feel good, inspire your senses and make you happy.

The style of your home office should reflect who you are as a person, but if you happen to be into old style aviation, here is a home office you just cannot ignore.

It comes from the fabulous shop "Restoration Hardware," who excels at be the best classic home furniture and decoration store.


You get the hand built Aviator Wing Desk, made of polished aluminum and hardwood.


Add to that the Spitfire chair, sporting sleek aluminum-clad covered back, and upholstered smooth Antiqued Whiskey leather.


To keep things organized, get the Aviator Bookcase, which like the desk is made from polished aluminum and hardwood.


And then after a long day at work, take a breather in the Aviator Chair with a good ebook. Inspired by fighter planes, from its aluminum-wrapped curves to its padded Whisky leather seat and back.

You can also get equally striking Rocket Leather Chair, sporting the same look, but in a more simplistic all leather style.

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