Falling Down the Wall

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-08-25 01:01:19

The talented Hanna Nyman has created this tearable wallpaper as part of her graduation at Konstfack, Stockholm. It its now shown in Norway at the craft and design exhibit "A world of folk".

It is wallpaper with a beautiful flower pattern and you decide how much of it you want to see. You can peel off the outer layer to reveal the inner flower, and for and added touch, you can leave the outer layer hanging to get a nice 3D effect. It is very beatiful!

I work with products and patterns that change. Tension arises when something that was ‘merely' beautiful is suddenly transformed into something new or acquires an unexpected function. The product gains a new dimension and becomes smart as well as beautiful.

- Hanna Nyman

For this collection I was inspired by a poem called "Skogen skapar" By Ann Jäderlund (famous Swedish poet). It's a crazy story about strange things happening in the forest, like an urban jungle. At least that's my thoughts about it.

- Hanna Nyman


She has also made this 3D wallpaper - "Allt som glimmer". It comes with a magnetic base allowing you to change the pattern to your liking.

(via Hanna Nyman)

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