Skis made of Stone

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-12-10 01:00:00

Stone is usually a material that we associate with very heavy floors, or simply big lumps of rock scattered about in nature. It is not something we link to high-performance, light-weight and flexible skis. But, this may be about to change.

Zai Skis in Switzerland has made the "zai Spada" ski, which is made of carbon fiber and stone - specifically it is made of special Grisons granite from the Calancatal valley - and they look spectacular.

Apart from its cool looks, the skis are at the top of its class. It turns out that stone has a number of positive features.

Using stone in ski construction is a revolutionary idea. The stone core extending all along the ski is wrapped in carbon fiber to allow it to flex without breaking. This new material combination CFS (CarbonFiberStone) has some very special qualities. And of course stone also has impressive damping characteristics whose effect is extremely important for ski performance.


The zai Spada is so dynamic and agile that it enables an effortlessly fast and precise slalom technique. And its exceptionally smooth grippiness not only delights the most demanding skiers but also opens up new possibilities for beginners.

- zai skis

The zai Spada ski package, which includes the Spada skis, bindings, poles and a Spada ski bag, will set you back $4,550 (3,700 EUR)

And in case you do not like stone, you can also get these made out of wood.

(via zai skis)

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