Simba, the Bird Feeder

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2010-11-29 06:37:54

It is winter, it's snowy, and the birds are hungry. What better thing to do than to set up a bird feeder in your garden? The birds will love you for it, and you have something cute to look at. What about a new bird feeder called Simba that looks like the head of a cat.

In many ways, it is just utterly insane. But just imagine that every morning, you can look out of your kitchen window, and there you will a cat's head completely surrounded by birds.

That's just gotta make you smile.

...and there is a bit of "angry birds" about it too, as birds feast by pecking out the cat's eyes! Attaaack!

Available via DesignSpray, also see Socks for Chairs.

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