Shadylace Leaves Parasol

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-05-29 11:02:00

Summer is approaching, and that means sitting outside enjoying a nice cold drink in a comfy shady spot. Like under a parasol. But the problem is that most parasols look, well, like a giant umbrella completely blocking the sun. It is nothing like the enjoyable view of sitting under a tree.

In comes shadylace.

The lace has the design of a roof of foliage and when the sun shines on the umbrella, the lace casts a shadow that can not be distinguished from a genuine roof of foliage. The experience of someone who is sitting under the Shadylace is similar to the experience of someone who is sitting under a real tree: there is some shadow, but there is also some sunlight shining through the leaves. There is also a bird on top of the umbrella, the pose of this bird indicates that it is singing cheerfully.

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