Scrapblog, a cool web application

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-04-02 10:23:58

Scrapblog is tool for making digital scrapbooks, which is - if you do not know this - a very popular activity by a lot of people (although mostly in North America and Asia).

The special thing about Scrapblog is that it illustrates two very important things. One is just how far you can go with web applications - and the other is that XHTML and JavaScript (including AJAX) is useless as a rich media programming language. You simply cannot make something like this using regular web technologies.

Note: It is made using Adobe Flex 2

It is a really cool application. You can add your images by either uploading them - or using those you have already added to an online photo service like Flickr, change the background, add varies types of visual elements. You can add text boxes, speech balloons - you name it. You can even add videos into the mix. Plus multiple pages, music and transitions.

When you are done you can publish the final result - either as page hosted with them:

- or simply to your blog as I did here.

The above scrapblog was made using the default template.

This is my first Scrapblog (it took about 10 minutes to make)

Nicely done Scrapblog! (Via)

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