Schizophrenic Art?

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-07-15 10:52:19

Photography is a hobby of mine and apart from taking a huge amount of pictures, I also enjoy photo manipulation. One manipulation technique that I particularly like is to take parts of different images and create a new situation.

One example was when I made the photos for the Baekdal Monkeys video. In the opening sequence you see 9 monkeys posing in front of 3 cars. There was only one car and one monkey. The photos were simply put together in Photoshop.

The Space Between

I am not the only one to enjoy creating "schizophrenic" art. Kelli Connell recently made a rather astonishing photo story of relationships. The amazing part is not actually the story, but the images used. It features what looks to be two people, but Connell used a single woman in all the photos.

Amazing work!

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