Multi-touch/gesture demonstrations

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-01-18 15:27:15

You have probably seen Apple's multi-touch interaction method used on the iPhone. It is really amazing. When you combine the power of the most accurate input device in the world (your fingers) with multi-tasking input, the result is a very natural and organic interaction flow.

But, Apple is far from the only company/organization that use this - it is not something new, and it is not an Apple invention. I have seen examples of this at MIT and Stanford University - and Microsoft Research is working on several multi-touch projects.

But multi-touch is really cool, and something I think has an amazing potential.

Here is a video from Perceptive Pixel:

BTW: I want a video wall like this in my office...

This stuff is really amazing. There are so many possibilities with this.

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