Morgan LifeCar

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-02-14 14:46:34

To me, a Morgan is a car built by people who never left the 1930's. It is actually a brilliant car with exceptional modern handling, but it just looks old.

Case in point. This is the Morgan 4 Seater from 2006 (yes, not 1906 - but 2006) and the slightly more modern looking Morgan Aero 8 (with some very strange looking headlights).

Not exactly what you would call modern looking cars...

Except... Now it seems that the designers have finally realized that there is indeed something called "the future". But being from the 1930's, their version of the future is more like the art-deco designs seen in the classic sci-fi movie Metropolis.

It still has a distinct classic look - but what a look it is. The new concept car, the Morgan LifeCar, is simply spectacular.

(via Autoblog)

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