Microsoft Surface Computing

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-05-30 09:13:30

Wauw... pure and simple. Microsoft has created one of the most impressive demonstrations of multi-touch technology I have seen so far. It mixes the best elements of the digital world and the best of the non digital world.

» Watch Video Presentation (WMV, 256 MB, Duration 18:15)

It is because of things like this that I dismiss the importance of many Web 2.0 stuff and especially Second Life. The future of the internet is not about creating worlds and social networks where you are distanced from the real world environment.

This is what the future is all about - enriching our real life instead of making a second one in a browser.

Then imagine if you had technology like this in every home/office, and each of them was connected over the internet. You would be able to collaborate on projects, meeting, and ideas in an astoundingly rich environment. Forget about video conferencing, and chat programs - and especially products like Writeboard and SharePoint.


I was pointed towards the Movie "The Island" from 2005, where a very similar concept was used. Sci-fi is really much closer what we think...

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