Elephant Mechanics

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-11-11 13:06:42

Andrew Chase has done it again; created a stunning piece of mechanics. This time it is an elephant.

This amazing mechanic design was made out of transmission parts, electrical conduits, plumbing pipes and 20 gauge cold rolled steel. It is 36" X 36" X 18" and weights about 85 lbs. All the joints move and lock in place, turning a gear on the elephant's side winds a cable around a shaft which raises and lowers the trunk and the ears move back and forth and can fan out (to dissipate heat).

It took Andrew about three and a half months to build.

The elephant is going to be a part of Andrew's "timmy" book, where he joins the other characters, which can be seen in the Trionic Morphatractable Engineer article.

I am simply blown away every time I see something from Andrew. The level of time and detail he puts into these projects are simply astounding.

See also Andrew's other mechanic masterpieces.

(via Andrew Chase)

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