Mazda Invaded by Aliens

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-01-18 03:00:00

I am going to tell you a secret. A few years ago Mazda's design headquarter was attacked and successfully invaded by aliens.

All its senior designers was captured, cloned and subsequently replaced with alien counterparts. Their mission was to build and disguise an information gathering device in the form of a car.

You probably do not believe this, but I got proof and pictures to support my claim.

First attempt

The alien's first attempt, the "Mazda MotoNari" was simply spectacular, but rather poorly disguised. Although it was actually a car, it didn't look like one and the few unfortunate humans, who were part of the "human focus group", quickly spotted the deception.

(source: RoboCar 2057)

Second attempt

After this spectacular failure, the aliens went back to the drawing board, and designed a new car. This time attempting to make it look much more human. That wasn't easy though. Human design is very different from the designs they are used to making on "Allosimanius Syneca" (their home planet).

The second car (sorry, disguised information gathering device) did indeed look more "human", but to no avail. A few people in the focus group still didn't believe it to be a car from this planet; in fact one guy named "Joe" said that "if he was an alien he would probably marry it".

(source: Ford/Mazda Media Center)

This caused a bit of a predicament for the alien design staff, and several of them was promptly sent to "Dangrabad Beta", which is a very uncomfortable place to be after dark. And since Dengrabad's two Suns extinguished several billion years ago is pretty much dark all the time.

Third attempt

A young alien designer named "Grothka-Wii" (not to be related to Nintendo-Wii, although they do share a distant cousin) got the brilliant idea to make a racing car. His vision was that since a lot of people watch motorsport, it would be the perfect place to put their information gathering device.

...and the result, called "Furai", was a huge success. The design still has a number of alien design elements, but overall it simply seems like a beautiful "human" car.


What was the information the aliens was looking for? Well, it was a secret recipe for Pan-Seared Scallops, which they subsequently found on the internet by accident.

The human focus group was brain-washed and later released, although with a number of side-effects. Joe married a MX5 Miata for no apparent reason, and the rest of them started working with Social Networking companies.

What about the aliens you ask? They still live their secret lifes at Mazda's design headquarter...

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