Live Edge Wood Lamps

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2009-12-07 14:15:19

John Blunt, from Live Edge, recently sent me a few pictures of their wood lamps. While they are somewhat different from the ultra-modern design I usual write about, I rather like the craftsmanship.

From John:

Our beliefs require us to respect nature and the ecology of the planet. We use salvaged, reclaimed, or sustainably harvested wood. Our esthetic originates from the natural world.2% of our gross sales go to Trees for the Future.

Each of our products is handmade and is unique within a set of design parameters. We are  continually expanding the range of our designs for existing products and adding new products. Every piece is signed by the person who created it.

Our veneer lamp shades are reinforced with an epoxy composite and are quite strong.

(via Live Edge)

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