Land Rover LRX - Wrapped

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-03-15 03:32:46

Update: How to visualize a realistic car wrap (Nov, 2010)

I really like the look of the new Land Rover LRX concept car. It is relatively compact, very aggressive looking and a hybrid.

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Wrap it!

The cool white and black colors give it a touch of elegance, but let's see if we can "rough" it up a bit. First we could give it a flame-job.

We could also use some graffiti (which I found at Flickr) and create a more urban look.

It would also look good in a Justice League "road tour" paintjob.


This is how it would look if it was in Transformers 2 (coming in 2009)

After which the LAFD would have to put out some fires.

FedEx could reintroduce their original logo.

Maybe it could be used by the army...

And finally LRX - Burton Snowboard cars would attract a lot of attention at any ski-resort.

(Car images via Land Rover and AutoBlog, Grafitti via Flickr, Justice League images via Google images)

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