Iron, White panelling, Bookcase Wallpaper? No problem!

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2012-01-26 17:10:10

Back in 2005, the company I used to work for (before starting this site and Baekdal Plus) bought this huge large format printer. It was a fun tool to have. The reason we bought it was to print posters for our shop, but we quickly found another use for it - wall-sized wallpapers.

We made everything from small wallpapers of just a few meters, to the largest wallpaper job I ever created being 19 by 5 meters. I even decided to cover my entire bedroom wall with a huge poster.

Then yesterday I came across Mineheart, a UK based design company. They sell these amazing wallpapers (much better looking than anything I ever made).

Want your entire wall to look as if it is behind an iron gate? No problem!

Or what if you want your wall to look as if it is made of stone ornaments.

Or maybe just something simple, as this beautiful white paneling wallpaper or this white planks wallpaper.

Maybe you are more into old books, and you want your living room to look as if it is one big private library.

It's truly amazing.

Here is a tip. Wallpaper like this can truly transform a room, but you need to think of the perspective. The deeper the perspective, the further away from the wall you need to be. For instance, the bookcase wallpapers look amazing, but they wouldn't work in a narrow hallway. The perspective would be all wrong. But it would look great for the back wall in your living room.

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