Wallpaper for the Planet

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-04-01 02:54:01

EcoCentric has made 4 eco-friendly wallpapers. It has a eco-friendly design, as each wallpaper is inspired by different environmental problems. They are also printed on eco-friendly paper with eco-friendly ink.

EcoCentric will also donate £2 (of the £29.95) to "Friends of the Earth" for each roll sold. You are getting interesting design and helping the planet all at the same time.


Uses vibrant colors and exotic patterns to capture the essence of the Latin rainforest and emphasize the endangered agriculture.


Is inspired by the Bittern, a bird that lives in reed beds. Only 50 pairs remain, and with rising sea levels due to global warming they are under threat.


Lights the simple natural beauty found in ancient fossil footprints, whilst drawing attention to the question of the footprint this generation will leave.

Eco Highway

Is inspired to encourage children to think about their carbon footprint; the design features futuristic cars that run on milk instead of petrol.

(via EcoCentric)

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