Crayon Physics Deluxe

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-12-13 11:15:48

Kloonigames is currently working a new game that is unlike any other I have seen before. Its design is inspired by the crayon drawings you see in any day care center. Added to this is a advanced physics engine, that allow you to not only draw things on the screen, but turn them into real physical objects.

The object of the game is to get the little red ball to hit the yellow star - and you do it by drawing other objects that will fall, swing into or support the ball as it moves across the screen (see the video).

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I really like this. It is a great example of how computers and interaction design can reinvent how we do things + it looks fun.

Will this be the way children stimulate their creativity in the future?

(via Kloonigames)

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