Cool Lunch Bag

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-05-02 13:09:00

Summer is coming, and that means food at entirely the wrong temperature. Danish designer Jakob Wagner comes to the rescue with this beautiful lunch bag.

Cool Lunch is the funky reinvention of the classic lunch box. Cool Lunch is created with one very specific ambition in mind - being a special treat for one person and holds a small cooling element that keeps food and beverages cold and fresh.
A clever handle with velcro allows the Cool Lunch to be mounted with ease and brought along anywhere, anytime: On a golf bag, on a backpack, on the computer bag or over the handlebars of a bike " without the lunch being squeezed or demolished.

It comes in either black or white, with the lining in either black, gray, red, lime, purple or blue.

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