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Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-10-15 13:58:55

Everyone who lives far away from the equator are familiar with the dark and rainy winter nights, where you don't feel as energize as what you would like. One way to solve this is to use light intelligently. Instead of using light to see what is around you, you use light to energize yourself. To give yourself that much needed boost.

We actually installed daylight light bulbs in the office that I work in, and that makes quite a difference. The light is much more intense, you don't get that cozy yellowish glow. As a result you don't feel as worn-out during the day.

FurnID, the company who also made the Dekka day bed, emailed me yesterday to tell me about the new energy light they had made. It is a special kind of lamp that is built around the concept of light therapy.

It has 3 different settings. As FurnID puts it (from their press release)

The Cosy function is ideal for a nice, cosy and relaxed evening illumination in your home.

The work function on the other hand is preferable in work related situations, where sharp focus and concentration is a necessity.

The Mood function has the most powerful form of illumination as well as My Buddy's unique "light therapy" function. When the light hits your eyes, the light receptors in the retina are affected and a signal is sent from the brain to the rest of the body. The intensity of illumination and the unique colours affects the brain in the same way as if you were outside on a bright sunny day. If My Buddy is turned to the maximum illumination in the Mood function for 20-40 minutes every day, it will leave you feeling energized and revitalised as well as increasing your general well being.

(via FurnID and Luxum)

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