Book Cup

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-10-25 01:54:50

Enjoy a piping hot cup of your favorite book!

What kind of objects do you share your daily life with? You probably want them to be functional and have attractive design. But we want to go a bit further, to add a little something extra.

This is how the design brand +d describe themselves, and after seeing some of their products I must agree. They make beautiful and functional design - with a twist of lemon.

One example is the Bookcup. It is a leather book cover, similar to all the other leather book covers on the market. But they added something extra. It doesn't look like a book cover. It looks like a cup of tea. They even included a little tea-bag shaped bookmark to complete the experience.

But the real reason I am excited about this product is that they used design to enhance both the visual experience and the functionality. Normal book covers doesn't come with a handle, this one does - because it is shaped like a cup.

That is just brilliant.

(Designed by Ms. Rie Akutsu & Mr. Koji Shimizu. Via +d bookcup)

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