Bang & Olufsen Serenata

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2007-10-04 01:00:00

Bang & Olufsen and Samsung have created a new high-end phone and MP3 player in one - The Serenata.

Even though the mobile and MP3 technology is pretty basic, the B&O trademark means that you can count on 3 things:

  1. Extreme attention to the quality of the materials
  2. Superior sound quality
  3. Very high price

The interface looks very much like the one in the iPod (just upside down), but the showpiece is the pop-up speaker. It has a very high noise to signal ratio, built in amplifier and it uses an effect called "psychoacoustic" that tricks your brain into thinking it has a built in bass unit.

I have not heard it myself, but from the specs it makes other mobile phones sound like... well... one of those old clock-radios from the 80s.

And, for the full sound experience you can add a couple of high-end B&O speakers (who needs a stereo anymore?)

Price? it costs a staggering 1,030 EUR ($1,460).

(Via Bang & Olufsen)

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