New Etre Gloves

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2010-01-12 04:16:31

In 2008 I wrote about a bunch of gloves that would not only keep you warm, but also allow you to use your iPhone at the same time. Now one of these companies, Etre, has upgraded their product.

As Simon wrote:

“Last season's gloves were spun from 100% acrylic yarn, making them nearly as soft, warm, and comfortable as a pair of woolly gloves. Nearly, but not quite. Well, nearly isn't good enough for us, so this year we've spun them from 100% lambs' wool instead, making them as soft, warm, and comfortable as is humanly (or sheepishly) possible. Imagine stroking a little lamb...that's just stumbled out of a tumble drier...after bathing in fabric softener - that's how a new pair of Etre Touchy gloves feels.”

I just love that description!

Apart from that, they are now also more durable, comes in more sizes and colors. And if you buy more than 20, you can design your own from any of their 120 available custom colors.

(via Etre Touchy Gloves)

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