6 Extremely Cool Speakers

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2009-03-21 03:55:57

If you are looking for a really stunning set of speakers for your iPod (or you computer), then look no further. These are fabulous.

Note: Some of these are still in a conceptual stage.

All in One (concept)

Created by industrial designer Erick Sakal. They combine the subwoofer and stereo speakers in a single package, using directional angles to widen the sound.

E-Pod (concept)

Created by designer Eun Seok Huh. It is the perfect speaker for your bedroom. It has a built in speaker (obviously), a movie projector and an alarm clock. Sweet!

Speak-er (available in April 2009)

Design by ‘the.' it mimics the cartoon speech bubbles, and looks very nice.

(Thanks @watson for the tip)

500XL (available now)

Designed by Winnif Pang. They mimic the original iPod headphones, but as the number suggest, they are 500 times bigger.

Headphonies (available now)

The ninja speakers, or anything you want. Small limited edition speakers that you can either buy pre-designed, or blank, so that you can make up your own design.

The iBoo, iPanda, and iPig (available now)

If you got kids, then these are the perfect thing for them... And you can get them in several colors if white isn't your thing.

Parrot by Philippe Stark (available in Spring 2009)

And finally, but not least, the very cool (and expensive) iPod speakers by Philippe Stark. These will fit well into any designer home, and they are dwarfing all the others in both size and sound quality.

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