Turn Words into Personal Art

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2008-01-21 13:22:22

Remember WEB2DNA where you can turn your website into a personal piece of art? Now, 26Gallery has come up with another way for you to create personal art - in the form of unusual 3D words.

It is actually quite brilliant. It works by horizontally rotating the word you have chose in 3D, and sticking them together to create a very beautiful painting.

The only bad thing is that the size of each letter is fixed, thus it's not really practical for longer words. The recommended maximum amount is only 6 characters - great if you want it to read "baekdal", but not very practical if you want it to be "quadradimensionality".

Update: Michael, the creator of this amazing work, points out that the size of the letters are not fixed. He writes "You are correct, longer words can create a very long canvas but the size of the letters are not fixed. I can adjust them to fit just about any size canvas a person prefers. It does tend to look a bit cluttered though when you do spell out "quadradimensionality" but I'd be happy to give it a shot!".

Thanks, Michael!

In any case it looks impressive.

BTW: Can you figure out the words used in the images above? Here is a hint: "Act" is the second one and "Love" is the 6th...

(via 26Gallery)

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