Globe Fireplace »

Winter is coming. Some of the things I really like about winter is a hot cop of cocoa, a very good book (or ebook), and a cozy fireplace.

The Lover's Chair »

The talented Victor M. Aleman has created this beautiful "hammock-chair" for lovers. Shaped like a hearth, with an intertwining effect, to create the perfect setting (...or sitting).

Designing Barack Obama�s Logo »

VSA Partners, the company behind Barack Obama's logo Sol Sender talks about the process of conceptualizing and designing the logo in this 2-part video. They also talk about the concepts that didn't make it, as well as how the community started to use it in ways they didn't imagine.

Don't Play with Your Food »

When I was a kid, I was always told that I should not play with my food. I of course completely ignored whoever said that, and I often turned my potatoes into little people. But "Anna the Red" has taken the art of playing with food to a completely insane level.

Pre-chewed Pencils »

We all know how it is. One of your friends is constantly chewing out her pencils, or you might even do it yourself. So what should a caring person do to help?

Miso Soup Chair »

Miso Soup Design has designed this chair out of bent Plywood. Simple concept, brilliantly conceived.

Offline Photohop »

Imagine for a moment, that we never invented the computer. That idea simply never came into our minds. Then imagine for a moment that we still evolved in all other areas.

Winter Connectivity »

It's getting cold, and winter is just around the corner... or more precisely somewhere in the north-western direction. And that means that we are getting swamped with winter gloves that are compatible with the modern era.

Gaffititek � Book shelf »

Here is another stunning design from Hellokarl. It is a book shelf with a rather unusual, yet eye-catching shape.

Woodtime »

This wristwatch/bracelet time piece is simply stunning. Made by Hellokarl.

Elephant Mechanics »

Andrew Chase has done it again; created a stunning piece of mechanics. This time it is an elephant.

Shelf / Clamp »

Here is an interesting use of materials to make a book shelf. Cast entirely in bone china, the working f-clamp can open and close allowing for multiple configurations. Each shelving unit is individually assembled.

A Smiley Story »

Storyteller and poet Rives tells an amusing little story about a guy and a girl... all using smiley's.

It's not funny, it's Art »

A funny video about understanding art... or maybe "not" understanding art. Made by Joris Oprins and is part of Nederlands Film Festival.

Spaghetti Bench »

Pablo Reinoso has created this bench being partly a normal bench and partly spaghetti. And the result is rather amazing.

Book Cup »

Enjoy a piping hot cup of your favorite book!

My Buddy Energy Light »

Everyone who lives far away from the equator are familiar with the dark and rainy winter nights, where you don't feel as energize as what you would like. One way to solve this is to use light intelligently. Instead of using light to see what is around you, you use light to energize yourself. To give yourself that much needed boost.

The Thumb Tribe »

A few days ago I came across Ben Powis' thumb art, and it struck me as being an amazing display of creativity.

Sleeping in a Cardboard Box »

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to sleep in a cardboard box? No...? Well, to be completely honest neither have I. But that didn't stop Le-Clochard from making this cardboard look-a-like bed linen.

Lamborghini's Family Car »

Have you ever wondered what a Lamborghini would look like as a family car? Well, here it is.


One of the big problems with the new mobile devices is battery life - or more precisely lack thereof - and a lot of people have come up with ingenious concepts in an attempt to solve it. But, this battery charger from Peter Thuvander is perhaps one of the more amusing ones.

RedBull Singapore 2008 � Virtual Track Video »

Formula One is coming to Singapore next week, racing at the first time at night. And, Redbull decided to make something special out of it, so they came up with this amazing 3D virtual tour.

Virtual Twins »

I was watching an interview with Natalie Dybisz - also known as Miss Aniela - and she is one talented photographer.

2nd Generation iPod Touch� bigger? »

At this September's Apple event, Steve Jobs announced the new iPod Touch and said "It got the same gorgeous 3.5 inch display, but it is even thinner"... "And if you didn't think the last one could get even thinner, you got to get your hands on one of these".

Wool lamp »

Laurent Hongisto has created this lamp created out of wool and plywood. The design was inspired by the Kantele, a five stringed harp. Nice concept and interesting use of materials.

The Napbook »

We have all been in the situation where we really needed some rest. You know, on that long trip on the train, or even after a long meeting at the office. But what is a good 5 minutes rest without a soft pillow?

Pen Art »

Jennifer Maestre, who should change her name to Jennifer "Maestro", has created these fantastic sculptures out of pencils.

Finger Gun Sight »

Do you remember when you as a kid were shooting at cars on those long drives across the country? Or when you were out playing cowboys and Indians in the garden? Do you also remember how you always argued that the other one didn't hit you? Now that has become slightly more difficult.

Finger Gun Sight »

Do you remember when you as a kid were shooting at cars on those long drives across the country? Or when you were out playing cowboys and Indians in the garden? Do you also remember how you always argued that the other one didn't hit you? Now that has become slightly more difficult.

Falling Down the Wall »

The talented Hanna Nyman has created this tearable wallpaper as part of her graduation at Konstfack, Stockholm. It its now shown in Norway at the craft and design exhibit "A world of folk".

Disassembled Art »

Here is a good example that anything can be turned into art. All you need is a bit of an imagination.

Saab Radio »

Designer Sang Hoon Lee has created this little thing. It is a FM radio designed as a little wood car. You turn it on, and turn up the music, when you drive forward, and turn it down again by going in reverse. Nice design!

Transformed Flower »

Cool architectural art from "The Art Office". Head over to their blog to see how it was made and installed.

Rocketship Tours »

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, if we had been much more determined to venture out into our solar system? Artist Steve Thomas has with his vintage "Rocketship Tours" poster collection. Anyone up for skiing on Pluto?

Paper Collage »

Niall McClelland has created these interesting collages. Most collages are usually just a mess of images slapped on to a surface, but these are different with its empty spaces and geometric angles.

Kling Handbags »

Here is a nice collection of handbags from designer Natasha Kimling Kwan. The handbags look and feel like they are made of leather, but it is merely polyurethane (no animals were harmed or even sneezed at).

Luau Portable Lamp »

I really like the Luau portable lamp from Vessel. It looks great and the best part is that you can bring it with you.

Slice »

Graypants has created this beautiful chair, where the footstool can slide out from underneath the chair. It is a rather ingenious design that looks good at any configuration.

Emergency Chocolate »

There are many different kinds of emergencies, but I really like to experience one like this.

Kinetic Sculpture at BMW Museum »

There a lot of interesting things going on at BMW's Museum. You might remember the BMW GINA concept car. But what about this cool kinetic sculpture (watch the videos)?

HTC Touch Diamond »

I just bought the new HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone and it is as good as the iPhone (if not better).

Bike Helmets for City Dwellers »

In the past, bicycle helmets made you look like you were wearing a big sponge on top of your head. Today that are all pretty well designed. Most helmets though have a very sporty look, like these from Giro. And while they are certainly cool, it doesn't really fit well with the city-dwellers.

Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art »

This is probably the most expensive museum of modern art in the world, at least if you look at the production costs. And like many other architectural masterpieces this one is going to be located in Dubai.

The Art of Wall-e »

Today is the day when you get to see Wall-e (at least in some parts of the world). But one thing is the movie, which I am sure is absolutely spectacular, but what about the art the goes into making it? I am of course referring to the book - "The Art of Wall-e".

Plankton Invasion »

Do you know the real cause of Global Warming? I mean, besides us humans trying to wreck the planet. It turns out that a small group of sea creatures have decided to flood the planet. The most effective way to do that is to raise the temperature so that the polar ice melts - at least according to these funny (and very well made) animations from Plankton Invasion.

Shoes with Custom Prints »

Have you ever wanted to get a pair of shoes with a special and unique design, maybe even with a design you have made all by yourself? Well, the Swedish company "Look Down" will make you a pair of shoes with your design on them for roughly 200-500 EUR.

Wall-e »

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(Note: You need Flash 9+ to watch these videos)

BMW GINA - Design Feature »

BMW has created a new concept car, and it is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It is a shape-shifter, has a textile skin, and it challenges our perception of what a car should look like.

Light-emitting Glass »

These pieces of light-emitting glass are actually quite ingenious. They emit light without the use of a light bulb, LED's or any of the normal light-emitting devices.The light comes straight from the glass itself.

V Water »

This commercial is from V Water. It is a simple concept, nothing really special - but I like it anyway.

The Mobile Kitchen »

The Bultbaup B2 kitchen has been featured on several design sites in the last few days. For one thing, it is quite beautiful in its own functional way. But the thing that makes this kitchen special is that it is mobile. You can move everything. You can place it wherever you like.

Concrete Art »

The "art" of applying stickers to walls and windows is quite common, but it is rare to see somebody apply the same effect to a floor. Especially when you do it the way Transparent House has done - by making a permanent pattern in the concrete itself.

One Day Poem »

Jiyeon Song has created this cool dome shaped contraption.

Mother's Day Movie »

Sunday is Mother's day - at least in many parts of the world. And video artist Yves Geleyn has created this cool video for Zune Arts. It tells the story of a child's struggle to get flowers for his mother on mother's day - with a funny ending.

Zoudov is Incredible »

If you like the The Incredibles (from Pixar), then you got to see this video from three talented artists; Laurent Gillot, Aur�lia Verhnes and Clement Bolla.

Origami Money »

This is probably the only real use for paper money - in these days of credit cards and mobile micropayments.

Sorgente »

Italian Teuco has made a stunning bathtub - or maybe it's really a hot tub, but who can tell the difference anyway.

Flare - Digital Wall Surface »

What if the wall of your house could be made alive and used as a giant display. Now it can... in a way.

Genesis � a floating park »

Genesis is a new cruise ship from Royal Caribbean Int. coming in 2009. And unlike other cruise ships, this one features a park. And not just in the form of a few potted plants. This one has huge trees, grass and no roof.

City Decoration »

Granada Design has created these typographic decorations with city names. They measure 27x35 cm (app. 11x14 inch) and costs 38 EUR (60 USD).

The Conference Table »

The talented Andrew Chase, whom also created Timmy, recently sent me these pictures of a conference table he made for a local ad agency. I absolutely love his style.

Tame Status Cube »

Michael Roller has created Tame, which is a concept for updating all your status messages across whatever systems you happen to use. IM, Facebook, phones etc.

Olympic Torch Design Special »

Much can be said about this year's Olympics and China, but if you forget the politics for a moment, you will suddenly see all the stunning design.

Simple Hanger »

It is amazing how simple and yet functional and beautiful something can be made. Like these hangers/mirror from Reinier de Jong.

All-in-One - Single Person Cooker »

If you are living in a very small apartment, or like a few people in Japan living in shipping containers, then this all-in-one cooking platform is for you. And it has some interesting online features.

I'm Not Very Good with Words »

Artist Mike Monteiro is a guy who states "I'm not very good with words" and yet has created these very simple but powerful pieces of art. Cool!

Can Coins Look Sexy? »

Coins, in the form of money, have always looked a bit boring. Most coins have a very traditional and classic design - often with a picture of a former president or the queen/king and with several landmarks thrown in for good measures.

Wallpaper for the Planet »

EcoCentric has made 4 eco-friendly wallpapers. It has a eco-friendly design, as each wallpaper is inspired by different environmental problems. They are also printed on eco-friendly paper with eco-friendly ink.

Apollo Landing Transcript Poster »

Back in 2002 Motorola commissioned this poster of the full transcript of the Apollo moon landing. I find it oddly interesting, and it gives you a nice look into an important event in our history.

The Butterflies were drinking... »

It might be a good idea to stop drinking, if your beer cans turns into butterflies and takes off... But it sure is pretty.

Botanical Pens »

In this time of "green" a lot of people are inventing new ways to be close to nature. Some a quite useful, while others are not. These botanical pens are probably in the last category, but they will make your office space a bit more fun.

Samsung Pebble Sized MP3 player »

Back in May I wrote about the pebble shaped mp3 players from nonobject (a concept). Samsung has now made its own version of this.

Swiss Peace Knife »

Qian Jiang, Yiying Wu and Carolina Flores have reengineered the Swiss Army Knife and turned it into a weapon of care and comfort.

Global Warming Animation »

Honda recently ran an ad telling people to do the right thing when it comes to cars - called "Do, Keep Doing, Do Some More" - and it is very good.

I Want You To Want Me »

The hugely talented Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar recently created this interactive art installation for MoMA. It allows people to see how we interact on dating sites - using data updated every few hours.

Motion Graphic Videos from the Canadian Forces »

The Canadian Forces has created a new website, and while I am rarely impressed by military websites, the motion graphic videos on this one caught my attention.

V Chairs »

Verikon Furniture has created 2 somewhat unique chairs - the Shelley and the Lobster. In some way it draws it inspiration from the Famous "�gget by Arne Jacobsen", but it is still so different that they are unique in their own rights.

The Human Car � Powered by You »

Ford Canada has made a new commercial featuring people. I know, that doesn't sound too special - most commercials have people in them. But not like this... The Ford commercial features only people, and yet what you see is 3 cars.

Ronel Jordaan's Rock Cushions »

In late January I wrote about the cool looking rock cushions "LivingStones". Then Sian Eliot (from Willowlamp Studio) commented that the South African designer "Ronel Jordaan" has been making rock cushions for years. Naturally I had to investigate the case.

Morgan LifeCar »

To me, a Morgan is a car built by people who never left the 1930's. It is actually a brilliant car with exceptional modern handling, but it just looks old.

Trionic Morphatractable Engineer »

The lives of robots have always been a topic explored by authors and artists alike. Isaac Asimov have written some of the best novels in the history of robots, DreamWorks created the computer animated movie "Robots" in 2005 and Pixar is currently making Wall-E (and it looks to be stunning).

Cell Shelf »

Shelves are usually somewhat boring and traditional in its design. Most of them are square or rectangular boxes of different lengths and heights. Sometimes though, a shelf comes along looking like nothing you have ever seen before. Like this one from "Unto This Last".

(Product) Red Wallpapers »

(Product) Red seems to be getting a lot of traction around the world, most recently with Dell and Microsoft offering a "Red" edition of PCs and Windows Vista.

Soft as a Rock »

Rocks, stones and pebbles have been used as decorative objects since... well... the stone age actually. But, rocks are usually a bit hard to be around. They often look cool, but you wouldn't exactly hug one - until now!

Turn Words into Personal Art »

Remember WEB2DNA where you can turn your website into a personal piece of art? Now, 26Gallery has come up with another way for you to create personal art - in the form of unusual 3D words.

Mazda Invaded by Aliens »

I am going to tell you a secret. A few years ago Mazda's design headquarter was attacked and successfully invaded by aliens.

AirMail for MacBook Air »

We were all amazed when Steve Jobs pulled the new MacBook Air out of a standard manila envelope. Now two self-proclaimed Apple geeks, Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, has turned that concept into a real product.

MacBook Air »

Apple has just redefined the phrase "Size Matters" - and it turns out that small is the new big.

Give me a Dome »

There are times when you wish for a place with absolute peace and quiet, and what could be better than having you own private dome in the mountains.

Hook me Up � Hanger »

FurnID, the company behind the Dekka day bed, has come up with another interesting project: A hanger for your clothes.

Napkin PC »

It is the time of CES and the media is currently filled with a lot of very interesting products - but here is one that you will not see (unfortunately).

Inverted World »

This is what the world would look like if the world's areas of land and water was "inverted".

Reactive Art »

Daan Roosegaarde has created a number of amazing art installations that explores the combination of art, experience and interaction.

Crayon Physics Deluxe »

Kloonigames is currently working a new game that is unlike any other I have seen before. Its design is inspired by the crayon drawings you see in any day care center. Added to this is a advanced physics engine, that allow you to not only draw things on the screen, but turn them into real physical objects.

All Men are Geeks! »

Let's face it - all men are geeks. Women already know this, while we men try to hide this obvious fact. To further prove the point "ExtraLife" has created this poster with 56 typical male geek characters (and a few female) - excellent stuff.

Skis made of Stone »

Stone is usually a material that we associate with very heavy floors, or simply big lumps of rock scattered about in nature. It is not something we link to high-performance, light-weight and flexible skis. But, this may be about to change.

An Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree »

I used to believe that a normal Christmas tree, gathered from the woods, would be an eco friendly place to put my Christmas presents. You know, it's a tree! It's organic, biodegradable and doesn't include a single piece of plastic (except, of course, for the Christmas decorations).

A Simple Shoe? »

John Maeda, the author of the excellent book "The Laws of Simplicity", has designed a shoe (or more precisely the color and print).

That's sooo Cute! »

It's Sunday. It's raining, very windy and freezing. So what better day for browsing around the internet?

Visualizing Energy Consumption »

Many organizations and some governments are currently exploring the idea to visualize how much energy we use in our homes. The idea is to put up some kind of device to show the current amount of energy usage and in that way convince to save energy - or at least not waste it as much as we do now.

Bird Nests for Art Lovers »

If the birds, in your garden, happens to be impulsive art critics then this might get them to sing a nicer tune in the mornings.

Hang Drums »

I recently came across the Hang drums, and I am amazed. What incredible smooth sound they make. They are developed by PANArt in Switzerland.

IKEA Book of Color »

Have you ever wondered what the full IKEA catalog would look like if you could only see the average color of each image and the layout?

Rubber Bags »

Designer Doreen Westphal creates bags made out of inner tubes and felt, and the result is amazing. The bags have tough urban feel - and yet creates a sense of softness.

Exploded iPod »

Here is a piece of art you don't see every day. It is an exploded iPod - frozen in space, and encased in resin. And, the neat trick is that it still works!

A Wiggly Wobbly Game of Chess »

If you are like me, then you probably think that Chess is a bit boring - maybe even too slow. But industrial Designer Adin Mumma has made a chess game that is - in any case - fun to look at.

Rondo - Art for Your Cat »

Regular pet furniture isn't really that interesting, which is a bit of a puzzle. When you buy a couch you care about how it looks. When you buy a kitchen you spend days - even weeks - deciding. And you even care about what color your toothbrush is.

Mustang Bullitt 2008 »

Remember the Movie "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen - and the famous chase through San Francisco. The chase was one of the very first and most influential in the history of movies.

Iconka � How to make an Icon »

The Russian graphic studio Iconka has created these 3 amazing tutorials, demonstrating the process of creating beautiful icons.

Dish Flower Pot »

Erdem Selek has created this unique flower pot that gets its water from your dishes. I am not sure this is actually good for the flower (the water probably contains some soap), but it sure is ingenious.

Blow Lamp »

Agustin Otegui has created a (concept of) lamp made to look like bubbles in sopy water. The result is organic, yet modern looking, chandelier.

Clown Slippers »

Onceneto is at it again. You might remember the basketball turned into a bowl, now they have created a pair of slippers out of floor mats.

Momo Prefab »

The Swedish architectural company Grasshopper has created this beautiful and stylistic prefab. It is made using 10 square meter "modules" (107 square feet) that you can put together in almost any way you like.

Cute Kitchen »

If you don't like brushed metal, glass or pure white that is synonymous for most kitchen appliances then you might like this.

Doodling for Time »

You probably know the feeling. You are stuck at a boring meeting, presentation, or on a very long phone call (a conference call usually) and time just seems to crawl at a snail's pace.

Adam&Eve »

Most USB drives are rather ugly looking and made of plastic, but the ones from Adam&Eve is made using either Mahogany or African Blackwood and decorated with gold and white diamonds.

Audi Concept car with Holographic Skin »

Audi has created a concept car as part the design competition - RoboCar Challenge 2007. The car is the definitive example of flexible design.

Single Hauz »

There is a lot of talk about Global Warming, and it is a topic that you should care about (and do something to prevent). But, in case we fail to protect our environment you might want consider buying one of these...

CS3 Styled Wallpapers »

I am not really into computer wallpapers, but the colors and shape of iixo's CS3 styled wallpapers looks quite nice.

User-friendly Cutting Board »

A small change can transform a product from just one of many to a unique creation. This is the case with Eva Trio's new cutting board.

Leaf Bowls »

Eva Solo has created yet another astounding product with these leaf shaped bowls.

Decorative Tiles with a touch of Nature »

Italian Archeo Ceramica has reinvented the tile for use in your bathroom or kitchen. Why use print and graphics when you can use real objects from nature to create something as stunning as this:

Reactive Paint »

Shi Yuan has created a way to turn normally passive things into something with a life of its own. Like this wallpaper that reacts to heat, the painting that react when you touch it, or the daily calendar that fades away during the day.

Modern Pillow Fight »

People often fight over the remote, but let's face it - it is much more fun to enjoy a good old pillow fight. Now you can do both!

Kra Light Containers »

You don't need plastic, brushed metal or carbon fibers to make an amazing product - sometimes you can do it with a bit of clay.

Bang & Olufsen Serenata »

Bang & Olufsen and Samsung have created a new high-end phone and MP3 player in one - The Serenata.

Modulo Heater »

The talented designer Anna Gotha has reinvented the heater. She has combined style with portability - something you rarely see with home heating systems.

Beauty of One »

Apple's iMac has long been the only real choice if you wanted a computer with a sense of design. The PC manufacturers simply do not seem to know how to create a good looking product. That is until now.

Infinity + 1 »

To infinity and beyond. Jason Heap's design is a statement of natural infinity. This environmentally friendly table is an amazing example of flexible design.

Halo 3 Believe Ads »

I have never played Halo 3 - nor do I own an Xbox. But I am absolutely amazed by the Halo 3 "Believe" videos.

Wowo Dog Pod »

Cats and dogs rarely mix - nor does modern stylistic design and pet furniture. Most pet things either look non-designed or just pure ugly.

Yuba Hour-glass Lamp »

Murano Due's glass lamp is artistic and beautiful and its asymmetrical shape creates a sense of elegance.

Armani Mobile Phone »

Armani and Samsung have teamed up and created the "Giorgio Armani Samsung Luxury Mobile Phone" - and it is hugely expensive.

Dekka Day Bed »

Dekka is an amazing "daybed" by the Danish company FurnID. Its unusual padding, simplistic and modern design is sure to turn any visitors' heads.

Cardboard Cat Lounge »

Cats love to play with cardboard boxes, so why not give them a special one.

PK22 in Suede »

Fritch Hansen has updated the famous PK22 chair. It now comes with suede upholstery.

Andrew Douglas Artwork »

Artist Andrew Douglas has created a set of modern abstract paintings. Somehow they positively appeal to my senses.

Private Space for the Modern Man »

Several research studies, including one here in Denmark (sorry, Danish text), shows that about 90% of all men wants a place to be alone.

Windsurfing Boards »

Cool looking windsurfing boards from Starboards

Inside the Happy Factory »

Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside Coca Cola's Happy Factory? Well, it turns out it's a lot.

Typographic Movies - part two »

Yuxt have a nice collection of typographic movies similar to the ones I posted here about month ago.

Audi A5/S5 Design Special »

Audi's new A5 and S5 is, in my opinion, one of the best looking cars Audi has ever made.

House O - a Modern Castle »

If you want to live in a beautiful ancient castle with big stones as walls, but also enjoy the modern look with huge windows and massive amount of light, you often find yourself in a bid of a fix.

Digital Candles Anyone? »

EcoCentric have a number of very interesting and environmentally friendly products. Two of them are the Candela and the Candeloo eco lights.

Gorjoso Chair »

Australian furniture designer Liam O'Brian has designed a stunning chair for your garden or terrace (porch).

Audi 3D Product Showcases »

Audi have turned to 3D to showcase their cars in the best possible way - First with the R8, and now with the A5.

Grace from Holmegaard »

The talented Anja Kj�r has created a simple, classic, and beautiful lamp - Grace.

The Art of Pixar »

You have probably already seen Pixar's latest movie "Ratatouille" - or perhaps you are waiting for the DVD to come out in November. But if you like art, drawing, and design like me you should consider buying "The Art of Ratatouille".

BasketBowl »

Onceneto has made a cool but also a rather unusual kind of product - a basketball turned into 4 bowls.

Philips Aurea »

Philips has been making TV's for many years with adaptive back lighting - called "ambilight". But, the new generation- Philips Aurea - is amazing.

MP3 for Gentlemen »

Jin Woo Han has made a concept for a MP3 player for the perfect gentleman. It is designed to be unobtrusive and subtle - yet incredibly nice.

Brix � modular phone »

Here is an idea for the next iPhone. Imagine that you could combine phones to get a bigger "workspace". This takes collaborative sharing and social networking to a completely new level.

Coffee/Tea Cup for Creative Minds »

Suck UK has created a nice cup - called MyCuppa - targeted creative thinkers.

Vase, Light and Decoration in One »

MK Design has designed an eco-friendly vase with lights - and the result is a unique and decorative lamp.

Fatboy Outdoor »

Fatboy has designed a new version of their fabulous oversize pillow - made to be used outdoor. The new "features" are that it is UV and rain resistant, which is quite handy in this unsteady weather, but the greatest new feature is a strap.

Wood Casing for Your iPhone »

Miniot makes a beautiful hardwood case for the iPhone. You can choose between Oak, Padouk, Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut.

Amazing Black/White Illustrations »

Andrew Wilson has created a number of stunning black/white illustrations.

Cube Lights »

What about a decorative lamp that you can change anyway you want - giving you a fresh look when you feel like it.

Pick a Light »

Here is a rather unusual concept from Nick Foley. It is a three of lights that you pick like fruits and bring with you.

Dale Chihuly Glass Art »

We all know that glass can be turned into beautiful pieces of art, but Dale Chihuly is taking that concept to the extremes.

Dual Music Player »

What about a MP3 player that can also play CD's? I am not sure it is the most useful thing in the world (why would you still carry CD's with you), but it looks cool.

Sticker Art »

This might do the trick if you are looking for something to spice up a boring white wall?

Typographic Movies »

It is amazing what we can do with words, especially when we mix them with a bit of typography, creative thinking, motion and sound.

Sleep Walking »

I must admit I am not that big a fan of sleeping bags. But, this brilliant one might change my mind about that.

Schizophrenic Art? »

Photography is a hobby of mine and apart from taking a huge amount of pictures, I also enjoy photo manipulation. One manipulation technique that I particularly like is to take parts of different images and create a new situation.

USB Memory Sticks »

Have you ever wondered why they call it a memory "stick"? Now you know...

The Perfect Summer Recliner »

David Trubrige is a brilliant designer. I could easily use one of these at home:

Microsoft Surface Computing »

Wauw... pure and simple. Microsoft has created one of the most impressive demonstrations of multi-touch technology I have seen so far. It mixes the best elements of the digital world and the best of the non digital world.

Car Design Video Tutorial »

I am getting 2-3 requests per week from people who want to learn more about how to design graphics on cars. My previous tutorial is ranked the 2nd most popular article of all time and to satisfy this growing demand I have created another tutorial for you.

Adobe Kuler Desktop � with Apollo. »

Adobe has released a new "gizmo" to use with their excellent color mixer Adobe Kuler. It is basically "just a viewer" in which you can browse or search the most popular color themes created by other people.

Intel Mobile Metro Notebook »

Intel, or more precisely Ziba Design, has created a very cool looking and ultra-thin laptop. It is only a Concept, and as with Concept cars, the final product (if ever produced) rarely maintains the look.

MP3 Pebbles »

The authors behind the upcoming book Nonobject, has release yet another innovative example of cool products. This time it is a MP3 player designed to look like pebbles.

Top Banana � super cool web based video editing »

MIX07 is currently taking place in Vegas, and with it comes an enormous amount of new ideas, technologies, and concepts. One of them is a very cool video editing application - in Silverlight - called Top Banana (code name).

WPF Showcase � Thirteen23 »

I have often written about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and how you can use it to make a much more compelling experience. I have also been talking about using the "internet as a pipeline" instead of using a browser. So, what you can you really do with WPF and no browser? Here are a couple of examples from Thirteen23.

Interface design gallery »

Chris Messina of Citizen Agency has put together a great gallery of interface designs. Everything from 404 pages to calendar views, footers, navigations, tab designs etc.

How to create 3D photos »

Most of us think of photos as something that is seen in only two dimensions. But, Kimio Itozaki can turn a 2D photo into a 3D experience. It is called a Photomo - and it is not done on a computer.

Scrapblog, a cool web application »

Scrapblog is tool for making digital scrapbooks, which is - if you do not know this - a very popular activity by a lot of people (although mostly in North America and Asia).

Round designs may be coming to an end »

I spend a lot of time getting design inspiration from non-web sources. Things like architecture, furniture, every day object, and cars. I have noticed that rounded edges is disappearing and is being replaced by a more rough and edgy look.

Multi-touch/gesture demonstrations »

You have probably seen Apple's multi-touch interaction method used on the iPhone. It is really amazing. When you combine the power of the most accurate input device in the world (your fingers) with multi-tasking input, the result is a very natural and organic interaction flow.

Kuler is Cool »

A have recently played around with Adobe's new online color tool "Kuler", and I am impressed. I think this is going to be my new tool of choice when it comes to mixing colors.

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