Doodle Distractions

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2009-01-01 05:16:52

I apologize for this article, it is not about anything serious or worthwhile, and it is not even interesting - it is a complete waste of your time - but hey... it is almost Christmas so I blame the elves.

December is the month distractions. There are so many things going on, so many things to consider, and so many plans to make that it is nearly impossible to do anything important - like writing another usability article for this site.

To me this month has been particular distractive - especially in the past few weeks. I have tried writing 6 different articles, but every time I started my brain would step out to have a bit of fun - leaving my fingers in a state of bewilderment.

Mind you that there are two kinds of distractions. There are the ones that are very annoying - like when somebody wants you to do something you really hate... And, then there are the other kinds of distractions. They still take all your time but they are also fantastically fun and joyful. My kind of distractions is mostly in the fun category.

"I don't see much sense in that," said Rabbit. "No," said Pooh humbly, "there isn't. But there was going to be when I began it. It's just that something happened to it along the way."

- Winnie the Pooh

According to my management books, the way to resolve a situation like this is to focus, the set goals and to divide each task into smaller chunks (it is apparently easier to get distracted doing big things). And, it does work - at least at work - but not when I am at home.

So instead of trying to fight it, why not embrace it and do something completely useless - like making doodles (I have been trying to make a Christmas card for several weeks, but got distracted... again...)

Using Photoshop

Started out as a Christmas decoration, but then came the heffalump... err... elephant

Was supposed to be a Christmas Elf, but turned into Granny Wolf

Cannot remember what this started out with, but a cute girl asked me to make a red rabbit with long ears - and who can say no to that?

Updated: By request from Lise

Eeyore and Tigger

Updated: Used for a Christmas Card I made this year.

Fuzy's Christmas Present

Using Microsoft Expression Designer (fantastic drawing program)

Being inspired by architecture

Atlantis hieroglyphics, this one telling the tale of eating a spicy meal and getting angry at the cook (long story).

Spuff Jr.


(from last year, when I was also distracted)

How to doodle?

If you are interested in how this was made then this might help...

1: Sketch out whatever it is you want to make.

2: Add a new layer, and add colors

3: Add a third layer and add shadows using different levels of opacity and black

4: Add a fourth layer and add highlights using different levels of opacity and white

5: Add or draw whatever background you want

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