Volvo Concept Universe - New Design Direction

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-04-19 10:43:38

Earlier this morning, Volvo launched their new Concept Universe at the Shanghai Motor Show 2011. It is a new design direction for Volvo and their most luxurious car ever. According to Volvo, the inspiration for its design comes from a mix of Scandinavian furniture design and Chinese writing.

The front looks unusual, but the back could easily compete with Jaguar. It is absolutely stunning from that angle.

The interior is heavily inspired by modern Scandinavian design, with a touch of old hand-painted china ceramics. This would probably be very popular in China. Not so sure about other world markets.

The front grill "is deep and layered to give a unique feeling of a universe." It's definitely different, and you probably won't have any problems spotting it at night.

The depth of the grill, with its layered design, luminary effects and planetary feel, resembles the universe, while an illumination bar between the tail lights reflect the color spectra of the sun and the moon rising.
When we set out to create this concept, one of the first things I told the designers was not to draw cars for a week. With a pencil, one automatically draws hard lines, and that's not what we wanted here. Instead I asked them to design sculptures. That way, we brought fluidity and a sculptural gracefulness to the Concept Universe. We reduced the number of lines, and took away all visual noise, to make it as simple and elegant as possible.

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