Citroen Revolte

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2009-09-23 13:40:21

Last week, Citroen revealed their latest concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the latest attempt at making a cool looking hybrid car, and they have certainly added a lot of design (maybe too much). The car itself is according to Citroen a revolution in design similar to the 2CV.

The car does look rather striking, but I got a little worried when they, in their press release, wrote:

Even with a hybrid drive system, Revolte is not about to give into boredom and indolence. Although we need not go into detail about its high top speed, this concept car is a lively performer with strong acceleration. Revolte respects the ecological constraints of urban driving in every way while also delivering an agile and spirited ride.

Isn't that marketing for... it's really very slow?



(via Citroen)

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