Mass Effect 3, The N7 Rifle Replica

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2012-02-28 20:12:55

The most anticipated game of 2012, Mass Effect 3, is coming out in just over a week. It is filled to the brim with sci-fi gadgetry among them the N7 Battle Rifle.

As part of the promotion of the game, Bioware, the publisher of the game, asked Harrison Krix to make a real-life replicate of it - and the result is absolutely remarkable.

Here first are some of the final shots (this is not 3D - it's real), as well as a video of it being used in their promotional video.

But the really remarkable part is how it was made. It started out as plain MDF, details where added, molds where formed, painting and finally weathering was completed.

This is some of the most remarkable model work I have seen. Head over to Harrison's blog to read about each step.

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