Everything is Better With Ducks

Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2011-06-01 13:29:00

I believe that we have reached a point in which the internet now contains anything you can possible think of - and possibly quite few more. To prove this theory, I point you to the Tumblr blog "We Love Ducks" run by Tea and Tousti.

No, it's not a blog about duck recipes. No, it's not a blog with beautiful image of ducks in the wild outdoors. It is a blog filled with ducks characterized as celebrities. Like these mimicking Mythbusters, The Simpsons, Roger & Jessica, and Conan O’Brien.

And that is only a very small example of the many ducks on the site. You see, the internet now contains everything.

But as they say:

When you have tried everything you can think of, think of something else!

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