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Written by Thomas Baekdal | 2014

42Concepts was a design blog created by Thomas Baekdal back in 2006, and it ended publication in 2014.

It was a fun little side project that Thomas did when he wasn’t working as a media analyst and writing media reports.

During the eight years of its existence, it reached 15 million views, but the ad income wasn’t enough to turn it into a business. Today, the site is inactive, but still available for anyone who still visits.

Please note: In relation privacy (GDPR) and data use. In 2018, 42Concepts was made dormant, which means that it is no longer setting any cookies, tracking analytics, loading ads or other 3rd party tools, or in other way using any data. It is simply a static site.

Also, all the personal data was collected has been deleted. So 42Concept no longer stores any personal data of any kind.

A few of the article do have embedded videos from, for instance, YouTube, which will load according to Google’s privacy policies.

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