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Written by Thomas Baekdal | Sunday, April 15, 2007

I have often written about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and how you can use it to make a much more compelling experience. I have also been talking about using the "internet as a pipeline" instead of using a browser. So, what you can you really do with WPF and no browser? Here are a couple of examples from Thirteen23.

Denounce Concept

This is (yet another) RSS and podcast reader. Looks cool, but is a bit too flashy for my taste. It does illustrate some of WPF's advanced text handling capabilities.

Try Denounce

Nostalgia Concept

A rich media Flickr image viewer and photo manager. It is a nice illustration of how you can combine internet based data, and rich media technology.

Try Nostalgia


Netflix on your desktop - similar to the Flickr viewer above - this transforms the web experience into a rich media experience.

Try Cine.View


A document management and revision tool - based on FTP. It allows you to share file workspaces and always be up-to-date with file changes. This is definitely something I could use at work.

Try EchoBox

Looking specifically at the capabilities of WPF, then we also got things like 3D:


A music player (concept) that mimic's iTunes Cover flow - with a Twist

Try Harmony


Application/screensaver displaying famous art - in a rich media environment.

Try De.Collage


MIX07 Event Viewer

A concept of how you could create a rich media event viewer for MIX07 (or any event really).

Try mixMe

Another interesting thing with several of the above examples is Microsoft's new application launcher. It allows people to use an application directly from a website (or any other resource) - no installation fuzz. Click and work.

We use this for several applications at work. It is really useful. Not to mention that it handles updates automatically.

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