Globe Fireplace.

Written by Thomas Baekdal | Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter is coming. Some of the things I really like about winter is a hot cop of cocoa, a very good book (or ebook), and a cozy fireplace.

Traditionally speaking, fireplaces are usually designed as a big box or barrel shaped with a chimney on top. While there are many interesting designs around, this one from Vauni is just spectacular.

Designed as a sphere, it is free-standing with a foot that can be turned 360 degrees. Not only that, it is also completely mobile. You can position it anywhere you like, and change the location the next morning.

The Globe is fueled by "liquid denatured ethanol". But it means that you don't need to attach a chimney. The fireplace emits only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

It is a nice mix of interesting design and modern technology.

(via Vauni)

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