Brilliant Censorship Towel.

Written by Thomas Baekdal | Saturday, May 26, 2012

You know how people censor pictures by pixilating the only part of the images you want to see? Well, here is something even better.

The Carmichael Collective has created this Censorship Towel that looks like a part of your body has been censored out when you wear it. It's freaking brilliant. Just imagine going to the beach wearing one of these. It would certainly get people's attention.

And it works even better at a distance.

Sadly, however, it is not for sale. The Carmichael collection is a creative agency who only made it to be 'creative'. I don't know about you, but I think they should put it into production, or license the idea to some big company ...or something.

Brilliant idea, poor business skills :)

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