Remember The Skelewags?.

Written by Thomas Baekdal | Friday, May 07, 2010

Many moons ago, back in August 2007, I posted a very popular article about the Skelewags. They are a number of very creative drawings made by Richard Vermaak. Now, the Skelewags are back - big time!

Richard Vermaak has finally released his Skelewags website to the public. And it is filled with really impressive stuff.

From small concept videos:

A new series of pictures called "Alice in Wonderland"

T-shirt concepts (but I do not know if they are actually for sale yet)

To of course a ton of pictures from the original artwork.

It is astonishing work!

Head over to for much more

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Skelewags - Urban Art »

This cartoon concept by "Chewie" is great - mixing real world environments with cartoon characters. The style with skull like cartoon figures are not that special, but the overall style is.

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