The Art of Tron: Legacy.

Written by Thomas Baekdal | Monday, December 06, 2010

The new Tron Legacy movie is now only 10 days away, and as a geek, I'm really excited about that. The new movie looks absolutely stunning, with all the graphical elements of the old one.

As a fan of Tron, I'm of course going to see the movie, play the video game, and... about a week ago the art book "The Art of Tron: Legacy" arrived. As all my regular readers know, I own a lot of art books from movies.

I have the Art of any Pixar movie, The Art of Star Wars, The Art of Avatar, and now also The Art of Tron: Legacy.

The book itself is filled with absolutely stunning concept art, as well as commentary about the movie and the process of making it. It is not as in-depth as the Star Wars art books, but it gets pretty close.

This is an absolutely must have for all fans of Tron.

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