About 42Concepts

42Concept is a design magazine with just one purpose - to ignite your brain! It is all about showcasing great design, creative thinking, new concepts, and wonderful experiences from around the world. It is also designed to be snackable. 42Concepts is a visual magazine, something you can go and watch whenever you are in the need for a quick fix of inspiration.

42Concept was founded back in 2008, under its former name Baekdal Design Magazine. It used to be a part of baekdal.com, a site a new media, as a way to expand your imagination (vital element when dealing with new media). But the design section quickly took on a life of its own, exceed the traffic of the parent site.

In 2011, Baekdal Design was "promoted" to its own unique brand - 42Concepts.

Why 42 you ask? If you are as geeky as I, you would already know. Yes, it is a hint to The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, in which in 42 is the ultimate answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

42Concepts is the exploration towards that answer. The ultimate in design experiences.

42Concepts is owned and operated by Baekdal Media, see what else we have to offer!